Dialog macht Schule Approach


Good ideas and valuable insights originate from dialogue – from the interaction with other people, from the exchange of different perspectives and personal stories. Dialogue enables the establishment of a relationship quality which enables communal learning, it guides us in our selection of subjects and issues and it is the basis of our creative projects and self-reflections.


We develop activating and sometimes playful exercises, role plays and surveys as well as long-term projects from the issues and subjects we sense and hear in the dialogue sessions with the students and guide them towards putting these issues into a social and political context.


We include the whole school by initiating more comprehensive and long-term projects. We shape a participatory school culture by organizing our own events such as film festivals, campaigns for promoting mutual respect and tolerance between all stakeholders, or discussions with politicians. School becomes a place of public recognition and a training field for personal, social and political competencies. In addition, moderated dialogues between students and teachers help improve the atmosphere in the classroom and offer an opportunity to make dialogue-oriented and democratic competences more tangible.